Find the new hospital on ABITARE magazine!

P2 December 2020

This is how they refer to the new Michele and Pietro Ferrero hospital of Verduno on the title. You can find the entire article on the web page of ABITARE. Here you have the direct link, don’t miss it!

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P24 September 2020

Over the course of his travels for the last ten years Tiane Doan na Champassak has been collecting Thai erotic magazines dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. With representations of nudity banned at the time, the magazines’ censorship was applied with great creativity and care. For the creation of this project, Censored, the artist selected from his collection of over 4000 photographic details, exploring the themes of censorship and eroticism. All his self-published books are released under the label Siam’s Guy Books and are part of important private and public collections such as MoMA, Getty Research Institute, ICP, Centre Pompidou, MEP, Tate etc.

This is the project n. 5 offered by FFLAG, this time in collaboration with RVB Books. Check the dedicated page on this link, and come visit us!

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#Mentioned !

P7 September 2020

The new Michele e Pietro Ferrero Hospital was shortlisted by The Plan for the 2020 Award, do you remember? Finally, we are happy to announce that the Hospital received the Honourable Mention by the jury of The Plan for the category “Health”. Discover the project on The Plan website !

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Four houses on ioArch magazine

P3 August 2020

Our four houses from the new San Cassiano Village, in Alba, are now on ioArch magazine. Look for them at page 84 on this link. And for further images, go take a look at our dedicated Projects page!

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Shortlisted project!

P28 July 2020

The new Pietro e Michele Ferrero Hospital has been shortlisted by The Plan for the 2020 Award, in the category “Health” . Take a look at the website The Plan ! And don’t forget to check the new pictures posted on our website, at the page Projects! Stay tuned!

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push turn move

P30 October 2019

PTM is the fourth project organized by Fflag. Come to see – and touch! You have time until November the 30th. PUSH TURN MOVE looks at how people interact with electronic musical instruments. It dives into the history, present, and future of electronic music machines. The project began life in 2017 as a beautiful illustrated book, a creation of Danish author Kim Bjørn. Now, PUSH TURN MOVE comes to you as an interactive hand-on exhibition. Come to play with some of these remarkable instruments, and have fun learning about ideas that we usually don’t think about in our daily lives.

Open every day, from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 7. Open on week ends by appointment.

Find us in via Reggio 13.

For more information, visit Fflag.

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P5 December 2018

It’s the third project organized by FFLAG. Until the 6th of June 2019, we are glad to have you for the Turin episode of the Stratigraphie project, the 4th after those held in Nancy (2012), Strasbourg (2013) and Le Havre (2014). The name of our international guest is Helmo, a graphic design duo, composed by Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez. Headquartered in Montreuil since 2003, they design posters, visual identities, books and fonts and often collaborate with photographers, designers and craftsmen to break down the boundaries of graphic design and build an original language. Stratigraphie is Helmo’s permanent graphic and plastic device. Come to visit it!

Same place: via Reggio 13. Same time: monday to friday, 10 am to 7 pm.

For more information, visit the website and follow us on facebook

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BIM Pride

P4 December 2018

Since 1996, we are fully convinced that BIM planning is the process that has to involve every actor in the development of the construction field. For that reason, our projects are made, from the concept to the building site, using the Archicad program. It makes us capable to keep a high level of design, offering a competitive service in terms of  time and costs. You can find our interview and some images of one of our recent projects on Weisoft website. For the complete interview: archiproduct.

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Construction site with a view!

P1 December 2018

Lost in the silent hills of the Roero area, in this cold december, the construction site for a new small house is starting. The building will “grow” in the middle of the magnificent panaorama of Montaldo Roero. Stay tuned!

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It’s all about wood

P13 November 2018

Archicura is eager to experiment new technologies and started studying hard. We are preparing something new that involves the use of wood in every part of the building: from the facade to the structure. We are talking about a tecnhnology to be employed  on an entire block, on 5 floors buildings for apartments.

Breaking news very soon!

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