Archicura keeps looking East

P1 May 2016

The collaboration with BPChina continues. This time, we have been invited to participate in a contest for the design of the image, and particularly the interiors, of a new shopping mall: the Qianlong Financial Center Mall, in Changsha. Once having examinated the context, we decided to give a strong character to the entire commercial complex, by hazarding a concept able to strengthen the identity from the outside.
They appreciated the hazzard and we have been selected as one of the two finalist of the contest. We come back home with a silver medal, leaving the doors open for future collaborations.

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Back in shape

P8 April 2015

A small house that wanted to be in shape again. Customers had asked us a proposal for a new layout, a total redistribution of the spaces to ensure that the building would fit all the new requirements. But then the desire has increased, and in the wake of a new interior, got the urge for a new exterior, a new skin, a new look, a new contemporary (and also, why not? More space!). And so begins the construction site for a superelevation, and all that it implies. Beautiful and spacious inside but also outside …!

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SIFE 2015 – Shenzhen, China

P8 March 2015

The adventure we had expected, began with the publication of Archicura  on the October issue of magazine of the SIFE 2015, really materialized, and led us to expose a new object, a new concept of sleep and a new concept for the bedroom of children: “the magic forest”. The project was created by the intersection of two concepts that we wanted to emphasize from the beginning: the first was to create a particular object, made of fairy tales and exploration of magic and dreams. The second was to translate, in a contemporary way, the Chinese tradition, with its features and colors, inside our design. Here, from this intersection, was born “the magic forest”, the game / dream.

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LOOK FURTHER: the new construction site for the four houses has just started

P8 February 2015

The construction site for the four houses has just started! The four houses looking away, with their prospects, the intrados, the green areas and the volumes! Here’s a new and exciting adventure has just began. Excavations, demolitions, constructions, materials, full volumes and volumes suspended. It starts!

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Green grid!

P8 January 2015

Archicura resumes its ongoing activities in Corso Canale, this time under the flag of… green! It starts the the construction site for Mollo f.lli that, like the previous one, will be a building site with a strong color connotation. This time, however, the color will be unique for the entire lot, not uniform, but one. It will be a green, fresh and new. A new metal grid will cover existing the buildings that will be completely refurbished. And these will give a new strong and compact face.

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Archicura looks East

P8 December 2014

With this publication begins the adventure of Archicura to another part of the world: China. In collaboration with BPChina, Archicura was selected to participate in the SIFE 2015 (Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition). For now a publication … short details on the future collaboration!

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Energy for the territory

P4 June 2014

We are happy to announce that we have been assigned to design the new headquaters for Egea, company among the most important energy suppliers in Italy. Our project reflects the company’s core values: Innovation, environment, trasparency.

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Casa Visiera on Homify

P3 June 2014

Casa Visiera has been published on Homify, the online platform for innovational building and interior design.

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LOOK FURTHER | four houses want to see more

P20 May 2014

In San Cassiano near Alba (CN) a small complex will rise, consisting of four single-family houses. Exploiting the land as best as possible, we placed the houses so that they look further despite the density of the neighborhood. Large openings  overlook different views and are accented by deep eaves. The project has just been approved by the commission and, finally we have our building permit!

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Sancassiano S.p.A. goes on site

P10 April 2014

The construction site for the enlargement of the Sancassiano SpA, in Roddi (CN), a leading global manufacturer of industrial mixers, has just started. A huge site for a great project!

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