New San Cassiano village

Alba (CN)

Type: New construction
Area: 140 sqm per house (4 units)
Completion: 2018
Images: Barbara Corsico

In San Cassiano, Alba, a new village was born. On a small land portion, four buildings have been carefully located to take advantage of all possible views. Even though the density of the neighborhood, the four houses look far. Each one is conceived by the sum of two simple volumes, equal to each other, but differently “tailored” according to different needs of each family /client.

Each building consists of two white parallelepipeds, one placed on the other one orthogonally. Arranged over two floors, every house has a simple and functional internal distribution, where all the rooms overlook in different directions, filling up with light.

The extremities of the volumes are characterized by large windows accentuated by deep splays: big “telescopes” looking at the surrounding landscape.

The light that floods the rooms and the purity of the white volumes that seem suspended are essentials of the project.,8.005144,360m/data=!3m1!1e3

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