District heating plants

Alessandria, Italy

Type: New construction
Area: 5.500 sqm
Completion: executive project
Images: Archicura

Two new district heating plants will arise in the Alessandria urban area. The teleheating system is going to be the main energy supply for the entire network.

Both the plants, named North and South, even if located in different areas of the city, are going to be characterized by common architectural elements. As much as the complex techinical system inside, the project for the external areas is studied with extreme attention in order to guarantee an operational and harmonious final result.

The plants are considered as the environment of production of energy, where technical process take place. For that reason, the buildings are treated in a rigorous way: volumes are neutral and clean, as container of complex process. These volumes will be partially covered with external, independent elements: curved petals with different grades will be the filter between the plants and the surrounding environment.