Barberis Aldo Branch

Alba (CN), Italy

Type: New construction
Area: 4,370 sqm
Completion: December 2004
Images: Pepe Fotografia

in collaboration with arch. Francesco Bermond Des Ambrois

Relocation of Barberis’ business has been dictated by the need of moving from a flooded  area. The new site is in the territory of  Alba in Piedmont, which is already home to many factories. The area stretches between the artificial flood control channel of a new ravine, the Riddone, and a driveway, via Forcellini. The project well suits the existing plan, especially since it took into account the future realization of a new road system and paid careful attention to the new  road conditions of the area and the surrounding territory.

The main factors that have dictated the choices made when planning the site are business dynamism and family tradition. The two functional areas are very different from one another and both have independent accesses and roles. One building hosts the administrative area with management offices, general services and guardians’ accommodations, the other area is dedicated to production and storing of goods. The business’s family tradition, that has witnessed many generations taking charge of the company one after the other, has inspired the conservation of the big timber roof truss that has been restored with new steel supports for the open canopies of the storage area, surrounded by closed warehouses. However, attention is inevitably driven towards the new management offices surrounded by a green area that separates them from the road. The main features of these four buildings, that develop around an almost familiar courtyard, are their different heights that go from one to two floors above ground level, their irregular shapes and outlines, as well as the use of innovative materials.

The entrance shelter and the porch, that closes the small square, draw the main paths and connect the buildings with one another. The result communicates a sense of dynamism, also thanks to the diversity of chromatic choices.,8.026854&spn=0.002729,0.005836&gl=it&t=h&z=18

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