Juice – Apple Premium Reseller

Torino, Italy

Type: Interior design
Area: 160 sqm
Completion: 2013
Images: Archicura

The renovation project did not involve any structural part of the building, as the space is inside the shopping mall of the Lingotto. The project can be defined as a deep work of space staging, both formally and chromatically rigorous, so as to obtain an exciting and comfortable space  for customers who want to get closer to the Apple platform, but at the same time, it conveys the values ​​of Apple: under clean and essential lines, the best that the digital world has to offer.
The key idea is to create a space, in the front part, used as showroom behind which, hidden to public,  rooms reserved for professionals. Particular attention  has also been paid to lighting, both as regards to the creation of the atmosphere of the shop, both for the illumination of the different  Apple devices. The combined study  allowed the creation of an environment that is able to provide the best experience for customers as well as a comfortable and suitable working environment for the leaders themselves of the store.