Apple Reseller

Torino, Italy

Type: Interior design
Completion: 2006
Images: Archicura

The project carried out for Apple Computer consisted of  internally restoring  a space dedicated to  computer hardware and software retailing. This area was aimed at meeting the business needs of products sales as well as  testing and presentation of new products to the public.

The plan did not include a change of intended use of the space, or alterations in the number of rooms nor changes in the building’s external façade, which is a historical site and therefore modifications are not allowed, except for  signs.

More in detail, the plan included taking down some internal partitions, completely removing  and replacing  the wooden floor, cleaning and finishing touches to the vertical walls, a new project for the electrical system and a subsequent analysis of the atmosphere due to the disposition of lights.

Particular attention was given to the general atmosphere of the area, that was the result of a choice of materials, furniture and design in line with customers’ needs. Every decision was taken after following Apple’s briefing sessions. The company, in fact, adopts a very personalized philosophy when it comes to the image of their retail outlets.,7.667513&spn=0.041161,0.090895&sll=45.262262,7.920447&sspn=5.250553,11.634521&hq=apple+center&hnear=Torino,+Piemonte&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A

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