The Musot

Alba, Italy

Type: New construction
Area: 16.700 sqm
State: final design
Images: Archicura

The residential and business compound that is currently being designed will be built along Corso Canale, near the recently built parish church of Transfiguration. It will be made of 4 five-storey buildings above ground level, placed along subtle curves, that  will offer a slow dynamic to the row of residential buildings surrounded by green areas planted with trees.

The buildings have been conceived as “passive houses”, meaning accommodations fitted with technological thermal protection devices that reduce energy consumption. The electric power produced by the solar thermal collectors placed on the roofs will generate heating and cooling by using heat pumps, thus avoiding the release hydrocarbon pollution. To this end, the walls will be coated with thick stabilized insulation. Moreover, the east and west façades will be protected with mobile and extendable bris-soleil screens made of wood. These will shield the wide glass panels along all the external walls  from sunlight. Between this protective”skin” and the walls parallel to it, are the external balconies that will serve as outside extensions of the flats’ living spaces.

The dimensions of the lower sides of the building are considerable, they help perceive the size of the façades as important since their height is almost the same as their width. Internal distribution has been planned by following the logical pattern according to which all living spaces should be arranged along the external sides, while all services and service facilities should be placed along the central lengthwise axis of the short sides of the building. The latter spaces look onto wide central courts (cavaedia) which are entrusted with ventilation and lightning of the central areas of the lower sides of the building.

Between the two blocks that face corso Canale is a big commercial unit above ground level. Its roofs will host  the private gardens of the apartments on the first floor. On the ground floor there will be businesses and services. The garden that will be created at the centre of the big yard between the two buildings will be designed as a playground or a relaxing area for the tenants of the  compound.

The buildings’ roofing will also host green areas, below the metal supports on which the photovoltaic panels rest.